Web Design, Social Media & Photography

It's important that a business or organisation be seen in the digital world. If you're not there, you're missing out on something big!

Don't worry if you're a small business, large organisation or just a person wanting to showcase themselves, I can help. I listen to what you want and I work with that brief to design you a website that works for you...not for me.  And why not let me create a theme for you that you can carry through to social media?

A unique design, a unique idea, a unique approach.

What About Me?

I am a web designer with over 15 years experience on all sizes of projects! Let me...

  • Create a design for you
  • Write the code by hand
  • Take photographs
  • Create social media presence
  • Do a bit of graphic design
  • Drink lots of coffee

A Few Accomplishments

Here are a few websites I've designed.

Gwersyllt Community Council

A local community council website. Designed under the guidance of a sub-committee and is a managed website. I was also commissioned to take the 'design' photographs that are on the site.

Ysgol Penrhyn

A school design which is a content managed website.

Ysgol Bryn Alyn

Another website that is content managed. This was again designed under the strict guidance of the school and incorporates social media.

Getting Snappy!

Here's a few examples of my photographs...

If you want to view more information on the image click the "i" in the top left corner.

Big Ben Lions at Knowsley Safari Park All alone Etihad Stadium, Manchester Twickenham A stormy game London Bridge Epsom College Pavilion Football Over Gwersyllt Church

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